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transcend healing arts

Meet the Client

Transcend Healing Arts is a massage therapy and bodywork business dedicated to the service of the Eugene and Springfield community. Their massage therapy techniques bring relaxation and relief to muscle and tissue pain, and can also improve health, reduce stress, and that’s just the start of it. They tailor treatment to each individual client using one of their various massage techniques: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, cupping therapy; just to name a few. They specialize in injury therapy and the healing process associated with post-operative conditions. Their number one goal is to help clients in the unique way that each individual body needs.

Challenge Faced

When we first met with Transcend Healing Arts, the owners, Natalie Hockett and Chad Daley, had just joined forces to create a mutual business. They did not have a website, leaving them with little to no online presence. They were in need of a strong brand for their business that would allow them to establish a defined image. With a new polished and uniform look, their hope was to satisfy the following goals:

  • Spread awareness of their newly combined business.
  • Establish a rich brand that would be memorable and effective in all marketing materials.
  • Develop an innovative website, which would utilize organic search results for common keyword searches (search engine optimization).
  • Increase client interest for both therapists.


Our first step was helping them create a unique and eye-catching logo, with careful attention to detail by our graphic designer. Through that image, we were able to carry it’s look onto other marketing materials, including signage, business cards, brochures, etc. When the appearance and “feel” of Transcend proved to be effective, we began work on a dynamic website that reflected the essence of their business. We enhanced and expanded their content to help direct traffic and better explain the diversity of their massage services. With organized navigation and a clear design, potential customers can easily find massage information, pricing details, and contact information.

Additional features delivered through the new website include:

  • A newsletter sign-up form for special offers, latest updates, etc.
  • A contact web-form for scheduling information.
  • A mobile-friendly design to be easily viewed on all platforms.

“UplinkSpyder has been nothing short of a pleasure to work with. Their hard work and determination to bring nothing but the best to each project shows what true professionals they are. From Jesse’s amazing attention to detail in our logo design, to Deanna’s research to find the best information possible to bring to the website, UplinkSpyder is by far the class of the field!”
– Chad Daley & Natalie Hockett, Owners, Transcend Healing Arts

Other Services

In addition to the creation of their website, UplinkSpyder has provided the following services to Transcend Healing Arts:


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November 10, 2015