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Video is one of the best possible marketing tools for your business. Most consumers research a business before visiting or purchasing from them, and a video helps connect you with those customers in an immediate, exciting and engaging way. Video helps you deliver your message and make a positive first impression in just a few seconds. Additionally, websites with video do better in search results.

Video production costs vary depending on what you need, but we have a solution for any budget. The first step is strategy to determine what kind of video will have the deepest impact on your bottom line. Certainly, video development can play more than one role in your overall marketing strategy. The three most common types of video are:

  • Promotional or commercial videos that capture attention, create awareness, spark interest.
  • Educational videos or workshop lessons that educate your audience and build your reputation.
  • Engaging, social videos that create buzz, excitement and memorable/shareable moments.

Stages of the Video Development Process

  • Video Pre-Production
  • Selecting Equipment
  • Planning the Shoot
  • Video Production

Video Post-Production

  • Capture and Logging
  • Editing
  • Titling
  • Encoding
  • Materials Development
  • Transcription & Translation
  • Captioning
  • Description & Annotation
  • Development of Tasks / Exercises / Lesson Plans

1. Promotional or Commercial Videos

Whether aired on traditional television or online, commercials and promotional videos allow you to showcase your business, product, or service in a professional and polished way. These videos capture attention, create awareness, and spark interest – all of which lead to increased sales. Branding is important, as is the personality used in production. We love helping customers develop concepts for commercial videos that stand out. These videos can be more costly, because they require hours of filming, production, and editing in well lit/staged environments. Depending on your goals and budget, it could be the best investment you make.

UplinkSpyder works with you to:

  • Create and refine your message
  • Hire professional actors or voice overs
  • Develop, capture and edit the video
  • And most importantly – strategically distribute your new video

2. Educational Videos and Workshops

Educational videos help you develop credibility unlike any other marketing tool, making potential consumers more likely to come to you than your competitors. Educational videos provide value to your audience by delivering complex content in an easily understandable format. Video engages viewers through multiple senses and generates excitement and enjoyment. Studies show customers better retain information gained though video than reading.

No matter your industry, video can elevate your reputation to the status of “expert” in your field. Answering customers’ most frequently asked questions through video is a common place to start. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Step-by-step “how-to” videos
  • Product demonstration and instructions
  • Recorded webinars
  • Question and answer interviews

Today, you can even develop interactive video that allows users to control the content and even answer quizzes along the way.

Check out this interactive and educational video created for Umpqua Community College’s student orientation.

3. Engaging Social Videos

Video truly is the number one way to increase engagement and relevancy on social media and this becomes more true with each passing minute. Great social videos can be produced at a lower cost, using cell phones and inexpensive high definition cameras to capture shorter, shareable clips and memorable moments that people want to spread to their friends and others through social media. Businesses that use video like this consistently and creatively have seen phenomenal results.

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