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The days of flipping through a thick yellow phone book are over- and they are replaced with online directory services. Consumers now rely on the internet and these online directories to find products, businesses, and services they need. That means you need to know how to be found. Our online directory management service can help you do that.

Put your Business on the Map, Literally

Well-optimized online directory listings allow your business to be found easily and those listings, which point back to your website, help your overall online presence grow. However, with so many different directories and apps, it is a nightmare for businesses to determine which directories are the best fit, and keep all the information up to date.

Errors in an Online Directory are Bad News for Your Business

Did you know: Over half of local business listings have errors or incorrect information. Does yours?

If your business listing is incorrect or includes errors, this could lead a potential customer to a competitor. This is why online directory management has become a crucial part of any marketing strategy.

#1 Priority for Online Directory Management: Get on Google

Google is not only the leading search engine in the world, it also serves as the most important online directory for businesses.

Why? Think about it: when someone performs a Google search for businesses around them, their results will appear on a map.

Trust us: you want to be on that map.

Local businesses that appear on Google Maps will appear higher in Google local search results. When you establish a presence on Google maps and Google+, you are not just creating a profile, you are becoming part of the search engine itself.

Let’s say a potential customer is looking up Italian Restaurants in Eugene, Oregon and you happen to own an Italian Bistro in Eugene. If you have a verified and well-optimized Google Business listing, your profile will pop up in the list view and in the map view of the search results. This profile includes your business’ address, phone number and link to your website.

Establish and Optimize Your Listings

Our team of online directory experts will work with you to establish and optimize your listings so that when consumers need you most, you will be found. UplinkSpyder can help get your business set up and verified on Google Maps, Google+ and Google Searches so that you can turn potential customers into actual customers.

We can help with online directory management and optimization in some of the following ways:

  • Determine which directories are the most appropriate for your specific industry
  • Claim and verify your business’ page and/or listings
  • Optimize directory listings with photos and keyword-rich descriptions
  • Monitor reviews and ratings on review sites
  • Measure and monitor directory rankings and impressions

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