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Meet your customers where they spend their time online through social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing – We all know social media has drastically changed the marketing world and how people communicate. You are likely connected to one channel or another and it is likely that your customers spend a fair amount of their free-time on social media…scrolling, liking, giggling and sharing – and especially, shopping. Wouldn’t you like a few of those likes, giggles, shares – and customers?

Social media platforms are constantly changing, and it can be challenging for a business owner to keep up.

This is the mantra of some of our customers:
“I hate social media… but I know I need to be there.”

Yes. You do, if you want your business to remain relevant.

Others have tried their hand at marketing their business through social media without success. Or they are too overwhelmed to give it the attention it requires. It’s not enough just to “be on” social media. You have to be actively engaged and consistently developing compelling content and conversation.

Good news! We live and breathe social media marketing so you don’t have to. You can ignore the existence of Facebook and still be on Facebook! (Just be sure to nod politely when your client talks about the great post you made yesterday!)

We know social media can be extremely time consuming, particularly if you want to be effective. Our team is ready and qualified to take that task off your shoulders. And if you love social media as much as we do, you might enjoy having a role in your social media marketing, too. Social media for business really does work best through a team approach.

The key to social media marketing is consistency and quality. We promote your website content, services, special offers, newsletters…basically anything and everything you want your customers to know through one or all social media platforms including:

We make sure you stand out to attract more customers and attention.

How? We get to know you and your business, as if we were part of your organization. We get to know your audience and your competitors. We learn when your followers are online and we monitor which posts are receiving the most interaction. We pay attention, so you don’t have to.

Not convinced your business needs social media marketing?
Consider how social media:

  • Allows you to establish, build, and maintain quality customer relationships.
  • Helps you understand your customers. You’ll see what they like and want more of, and what they could do without.
  • Attracts new customers and keeps them coming back because you understand and respond to their needs.
  • Proves that you “know your stuff.” You become a trustworthy source for comments, questions, and feedback, regarding anything related to your field.
  • Establishes your online reputation. Where do most consumers go before making a purchase decision these days? Yes, online, and often that search starts on social media.
  • Most importantly, social media helps you communicate and build your brand which is key to long term success.

We’re known for our social media savvy. Let the experts at UplinkSpyder help you build a powerful social media presence.

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