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Done right, email marketing can have the highest return on investment of all digital marketing. Yeah, we’re not kidding here. Email marketing is a powerful tool, so much so our clients have seen as high as a 4,300% return on each dollar spent! But that does not come from sending one generic email a month from your free email account. Such success requires thoughtful and consistent communication, and UplinkSpyder knows how to steer your email marketing to achieve great results.

So- What in the World is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is, as you likely know, marketing through email to your subscribers. It’s a great way to stay in the forefront of your client’s minds, whether they open the emails or not (though we prefer a high click rate). With email marketing, you can announce new product releases, sell existing products, educate your readers on how to use your products or services, keep your readers up to date on the business, and much more.

It is critical, however, that you reach out to current and potential customers regularly through smart email marketing. Your emails must stand out in cluttered email inboxes and break through the noise of the Internet. Every email we send on your behalf has a purpose and a goal. We know that boring text-heavy emails don’t get read, and that beautiful, well-branded email produce more clicks and shares.

That’s why we carefully craft campaigns and strategies around your goals, help you cultivate and refine your audiences, create articles that lead to effective landing pages on your website, and create content that can be shared through social media. That’s where the real magic happens.

Email Marketing is More Than Just Sending Emails. Our Strategies Often Include:

  • Informational newsletters
  • Invitations
  • Special offers/sales
  • Surveys
  • Contests
  • Case studies
  • Product showcases
  • Business announcements
  • Employee bios
  • Tips, tricks, and advice
  • Local news
  • Holiday greetings

Does Email Marketing Actually Work?

Without a doubt, yes. Head on over to our case studies page to see some real results our clients experienced. Our clients have seen firsthand the mind-blowing affect email marketing, done right, can have on a business. Did you know that 87% of professionals prefer to communicate through email? And 59% of digital marketers have said that email marketing is their highest source of revenue generation?

Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing: 

  • It is the most direct and most effective form of digital marketing per dollar spent.
  • It helps grow awareness of your business and brand.
  • It reaches an audience that may not be active on social media or on the internet period.
  • It helps your website traffic. Google email marketing.
  • It helps you show personality and allows you to have a deeper connection with clients/customers.

It’s All in the Data

We gather data and information about your audience and how they respond to each email, and we apply that information to our marketing tactics for your business. We can even show you who exactly opens, clicks through, shares, and unsubscribes from your emails. This lets you know what your clients and potential clients are really interested in, and this insight helps your sales force.

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