As the new year begins, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite email marketing campaigns from 2016. Check out the emails that made our top 10 list, and what made them so effective.

Football Game Score Prediction Contest1. Football Game Score Prediction Contest

Client: South Fork Coffee and Water

Subject Line: Hey Duck Fans: Post Your Score Predictions of This Weekend’s Game to Win

If you are a local business, connecting with your community is a great strategy for email marketing. South Fork Coffee and Water is located in Eugene, Oregon, where Oregon Duck football games play a major roll in the community during the fall. We tapped into the audience’s love of Duck football, and created a contest that engages readers and encourages clicks (and in this case, contest entries).

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New Home Listing and Open House Announcement2. New Home Listing and Open House Announcement

Client: Jessica Johnston RE/MAX Integrity Real Estate Agent

Subject Line: New Listings and Open House This Weekend!

The subject line in this email creates a sense of urgency. The text “this weekend” means you have to open the email before the upcoming weekend or you will miss out. Inside the email, there is a large image of one of the homes for sale. Additionally, this image had a high click-through rate because it appears to be a video still. Emails with videos (or images that look like video stills) continually receive high click-through rates.

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6 Tips for Sticking to Your Workout Schedule3. 6 Tips for Sticking to Your Workout Schedule

Client: Monarch Medical Weight Loss

Subject Line: You CAN Stick to Your Workout Schedule…Here’s How.

This email scored a high open rate because of the intriguing subject line that relates significantly to Monarch’s demographic. The email itself addresses a common problem among Monarch’s clients and offers a solution – through a link to a blog on their website with helpful ways to stick to a workout schedule (blog no longer available). Educational emails are highly recommended for strengthening brand and engaging users.

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Makeup Tips for a Flawless Everyday Look4. Makeup Tips for a Flawless Everyday Look

Client: Swiss Clinque

Subject Line: WATCH: Makeup Tips for a Flawless Everyday Look

In this email, we were promoting a new line of makeup for Swiss Clinique. Rather than simply creating an email that highlighted the new products, we provided helpful makeup advice in the form of a blog and video. The subject line implies that there is a video inside the email with the very first word being “WATCH”, which led to a high open rate. The play button on the image and the large button at the bottom of the email are two visible symbols that encourage the reader to take an action (click), which helped increased click through rates.

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Special Edition Product for Memorial Day5. Special Edition Product for Memorial Day

Client: ScopeShield

Subject Line: [NAME] – Pick Up Your Limited Edition Scope Cover Before It’s Too Late!

We created this email when our client, ScopeShield, made a special edition flag scope cover for Memorial Day. Aside from highlighting the special product, the campaign also shows that the company cares about Veterans, by donating $5 of each purchase to a relevant charity. The open rate was high due to the personalization (the recipient’s name) and sense of urgency. Talking directly to your customer by using their name in the subject line is a great strategy for eliciting higher open rates.

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Designer Tips for Picking Out Paint Colors6. Designer Tips for Picking Out Paint Colors

Client: KJL Interior Design

Subject Line: Lost when it comes to paint color? Here are 6 designer tips to consider!

Does your business provide a specific service? Try showcasing that you are an expert in your field by teaching through consistent emails and blogs. You will quickly become someone people will want to contact when they want advice about something related to your industry (or someone they refer to when their friends are in need). This email from KJL shares “expert tips”, straight from their designer. Keeping the content short and sweet with only one tip in the email makes the reader want to click the button to see more.

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SpyderGirl on Cyber Security7. SpyderGirl on Cyber Security

Client: UplinkSpyder

Subject Line: Security and Friday’s Cyber Attack…what you should know and do…

We couldn’t make a list of the best emails and not include one of our own! This is one of our weekly “SpyderGirl Emails” that comes directly from our CEO, Deanna Rivera. These emails tend to perform well because Deanna’s personality shines through, but this one performed especially well. Why? In the email, Deanna referenced the cyber security attack that had just taken place. She also offered helpful advice to improve your own security online, which provides a sense of reassurance that readers may be looking for after a cyber attack.

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Birthday Party Supplies for All Ages8. Birthday Party Supplies for All Ages

Client: Parties To Go

Subject Line: Happy Birthday, Mika!

As a retail business, you want your email marketing campaigns to make the reader want to hop out of their seat and sprint to your store. That was our goal when we helped Parties To Go create this newsletter highlighting their amazing selection of birthday party supplies (seriously…they have everything you could possibly need.) Because they had just celebrated their owner Mika’s birthday, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to show customers their extensive inventory of balloons, gift wrap, table supplies, wearables, decorations and more! Using Mika’s name in the subject line was especially effective.

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How to Adjust Your Running Routine for Fall9. How to Adjust Your Running Routine for Fall

Client: Endurance Physical Therapy

Subject Line: Runners! Are you prepared for the fall season?

Your subject line is a critical tool when building an email marketing campaign. The subject line for this email specifically targets a large percentage of Endurance’s clientele: runners. The question in the subject line sparks interest, and after opening the email, readers are prompted with a call-to-action to find a step-by-step blog for safely transitioning into the fall season. This clear path and simple design resulted in a perfect mailing score. The take-away: provide your audience with useful and relevant content, rather than solely trying to sell them a product or service.

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Half-Off Dance Classes for Black Friday10. Half-Off Dance Classes for Black Friday

Client: Reign Dance Company

Black Friday, and the holiday season in general, is a very difficult time to stand out in inboxes. Think about it: your readers are receiving hundreds of emails per day. You’d think that “Black Friday Special” would be an enticing subject line; however, when every subject line says the same thing, it becomes easy to look over your email completely. In this case, your best bet is sticking to clarity. Leave out the mystery and tell the reader what’s inside.

Our client, Reign Dance Company, offered a 50% discount for their open classes for the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend. With the subject line “$5 CLASSES! THIS WEEKEND ONLY!,” a sense of urgency is created, resulting in a high open rate. Readers are able to open the email and click through to the studio’s class schedule. Sometimes the key to standing out during the busy holiday season is offering a deal in the subject line that your audience just can’t pass up.

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As we enter a new year, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for email marketing. Sign up for our UplinkSpyder emails to see how we change things up in 2017. And if you are interested in help with your own email campaigns, contact us today!

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