We always devote time each month to develop various social media strategies for the clients we support. We gather everyone in a room and talk about what’s working, what’s not working, and brainstorm ideas for the future. This raw information on our white board later translates into a day by day plan for the next two months in which we present to our clients for their review and input.

Statistically, most businesses don’t have a social media strategy. This is a problem, because statistically, social media is one of the most important mediums you have for:

  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Increasing Traffic to your Website
  • Improving Your Reputation
  • Generating Leads
  • Converting Leads to Sales
  • Improving Customer Service

Your potential clients spend a large majority of their time in social media and any good business person understands…you need to spend your marketing dollars where your potential clients are. So if social media is one of the most important mediums and your potential clients are gathering there, then why would you approach social media with an ad hoc/from the hip attitude? Why would you leave arguably the most important marketing for your business in the hands of:

  • Yourself, an already overwhelmed business owner
  • An intern
  • A family member
  • Your overworked employees who know nothing about social media marketing
  • Anyone who doesn’t live and breathe this stuff

Strategy is where it starts and at the very least, you should have someone help you with that…call a consultant in (hey, we’re available!) to work with whoever is doing your social media, to train them to whatever degree is possible or at least provide some guidelines and measurable goals.

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