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halo aviation

Meet the Client

Halo Aviation is an aerial photography and videography business located in Eugene, Oregon; however, they also serve surrounding areas in Lane County. The Halo Aviation team consists of certified commercial pilots and technicians, using UAS/drones to perform their photography and videography. Their services usually involve capturing images of property, homes, commercial buildings, bridges, and agriculture land. They perform safe, efficient, and affordable photography for business owners, land owners, home owners, event specialists, and more.

Challenge Faced

Halo Aviation was a relatively new business when it first came to UplinkSpyder. When helicopter pilot and owner, Scot Joiner, contacted us, the company lacked a strong logo, updated website, social media presence and a focused marketing plan in general. Scot wanted a striking logo that would help brand his business. He knew that Halo needed an equally strong web presence to attract potential customers. In short, Halo Aviation needed the “total package.”

One essential aspect that makes Halo Aviation stand out from other UVA/drone photographers is the fact that Scot is one of only eight individuals in the state or Oregon that is FAA Certified to operate drones for commercial use. We knew that this was something that needed to not only be highlighted, but also celebrated and talked about.


When we begin the branding process for a client, we usually begin with making sure the logo is powerful and significant. We started with Scot’s general idea (color choice, the use of wings), and our graphic designer worked with him to create something that represented the business well. Once the logo was established, we created a fresh, completely redesigned website for Halo. The old website lacked content, high quality graphics, and a user-friendly navigation. For the new website, our writers researched UVA aerial photography (a relatively new subject), and wrote content in a way that would capture Halo’s audience. Our graphic designers used various aerial photographs provided by the client to create high quality, attractive graphics for slide show and individual page images. We also arranged the navigation and home page in a way that would make sense to the average user, including an option to contact the client if they have questions or need a quote.

Additional features delivered through the new website include:

  • Detailed content on the various uses of UVA/drones for aerial photography, and the benefits of using UVA/drone technology vs. traditional aerial photography.
  • Video implementation of their feature on KEZI News.
  • A photo gallery of past projects.
  • A news blog for featured stories and latest updates.
  • A contact web-form for business inquiries.
  • Responsive design for all devices.

“UplinkSpyder cannot be beaten for their customer service. The ‘Spyders’ are more than just website designers; they are your customer support team.”
– Scot Joiner, Owner, Halo Aviation


  • Since we launched their website, Halo Aviation has received higher website traffic and significant improvement in search engine results.
  • Halo Aviation has acquired community recognition through the discovery of their business, including a drone feature by a local news station and an increase in business inquiries.
  • They have gained a stronger social media following with the help of social media marketing and optimization.

Other Services

In addition to the creation of their website, UplinkSpyder has provided the following services to Halo Aviation:

  • We developed a press release, and contacted several local and state TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines and other news outlets. The result of our public relations efforts included various appearances on local news stations, as well as inquiries from TV shows outside of Oregon.
  • Optimization of the Halo Aviation Facebook page.
  • Regular site maintenance.
  • Introduction to various community organizations and networking opportunities to help spread awareness of their business and services.

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November 10, 2015