The Dance Factory

The Dance Factory

Meet the Client

The Dance Factory has been providing the Eugene community with quality dance education in a welcoming atmosphere for over 10 years. They offer open classes in a variety of dance genres, including jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, tap, etc. for all ages and skill levels. The Dance Factory is home to entertaining and talented performance companies: Urban Pulse, Urban Vibe, Urban Beat, and The Prestige Junior and Senior. These companies perform and compete throughout Oregon, and also host shows at some of Eugene’s finest performance locations, like the Hult Center for Performing Arts, Matthew Knight Arena and Lane Community College. The Dance Factory is located in the heart of downtown Eugene and is always an open door for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the dance community.

Challenge Faced

The Dance Factory came to us with a need to develop an affordable website that better represented their brand and culture. They needed something easy to maintain that could change and expand with the growth of their business. Additionally, they were looking for:

  • A significant increase in website traffic.
  • Organic search results for common keyword searches (search engine optimization).
  • A more professional/polished look and feel.
  • Timely maintenance of website and other materials.
  • Effective online registration for open classes.
  • A digital solution for handling tuition payments.


With The Dance Factory’s goals in mind, we went to work on a new website. We were able to upgrade the business’ previous online look with a new, trendy design that represents the vibe and “celebratory” feel of the business, and also establishes a professional persona. Every page of the site was opimized for search in an attempt to ensure that The Dance Factory would be found by those interested in dance education in Eugene. The previous site lacked informative content, which is one reason why it was not coming up in searches. Our content writers were able to highlight the beautiful studio space, diverse summer camps, and dynamic performance companies that help define The Dance Factory, as well as many other unique qualities that set them apart from their competitors. An intuitive and clear navigation structure was established with multiple “touch points” to help users find what they need easily, as well as discover offerings they might have been unaware of. We also implemented a section for news and education and put a plan in place to keep it updated regularly with important event information, audition details, and other content that dancers and parents may want to know. This is done with very little input from the busy owner per her request. Posts are shared regularly through social media, which helps not only to spark interest but consistently drive traffic to the website. Additional features delivered through the new website include:

  • A photo gallery documenting previous dance events and show posters.
  • A registration web-form which allows dancers to register before coming to their first class.
  • An embedded online store, that allows users to purchase merchandise and pay tuition.
  • Mobile-friendly design to be easily viewed on all platforms.

“We absolutely love our website and have been grateful for the UplinkSpyder staff time and time again. Uplink created a beautiful and easily manageable website for our growing business. It has given us the option of accepting payments online which is a feature that we have never had in the past.Along with our website, they have made the programs for numerous shows and they always come out so clean and sleek. They are easy to work with and are always on top of our updates. Thanks UplinkSpyder! We appreciate you.”
Roshny B. Martuscelli, Owner/Director, The Dance Factory


  • Website traffic immediately grew and is steadily growing. Organic searches represent over 70% of traffic (followed by direct, social and referral).
  • Prior to launch, the Dance Factory could not be found in most relevant searches. It is now listed as the top offering in almost every relevant search.
  • The website remains up to date with minimal owner input. Regular content added to the site adds to the site’s viability and traffic growth.

Other Services

In addition to the creation of their website, UplinkSpyder has provided the following services to The Dance Factory:


The Dance Factory Website


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November 10, 2015