Woody’s Stump Grinding & Removal

woody's stump grinding and removal

Meet the Client

Woody’s Stump Grinding and Removal is a tree stump removal company located in Eugene, Oregon. They work all throughout Lane County and are one of the leading companies in their industry. They have been around since 1988, working with residential, commercial and agricultural customers to cater to wood stump and grinding needs in various areas. The business is owned by Doug Hollis, who bought the company in 2013. Woody’s Stump and Grinding Removal consists of a talented team with top notch equipment to provide the finest work to their customers.

Challenge Faced

Before we stepped in to help, the company lacked a website, a well-designed logo, and an overall web presence in general. They contacted UplinkSpyder because they needed some help branding their business and reaching potential customers in Lane County. They needed a strong website in order to thrive among their competitors.


Our process began with creating a new logo that represented both Doug, the owner, and Woody’s as a business. Doug is a huge Oregon State Beaver fan, which meant we had to work around the use of green colors, which was somewhat difficult when creating a landscaping service logo. However, our graphic designer was able to work with rugged fonts and colors (brown and blue) to create a logo the client loved. Our web designers used the finalized logo to replicate the same feeling within the website theme. Our content creators interviewed the Woody’s team to produce informative content about their services and work process. Using keywords and search engine optimization techniques, we made sure that the new Woody’s site would be found easily found through Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Additional features delivered through the new website include:

  • A front page slideshow.
  • A contact web-form for inquiries.


Since the launch of their website, Woody’s has received an increase in inquires, many via the contact form on the website. They also now appear in Google search results, due to search engine optimization techniques. Now, Woody’s Stump and Grinding Removal has a platform to showcase their work and reach out to potential customers easily and effectively.

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Posted on

November 10, 2015