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Meet the Client

Brothers Cleaning Services is a residential and commercial cleaning company located in Springfield, Oregon. They have been providing exceptional cleaning services to Lane County for over 40 years!

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Challenge Faced

One obstacle Brothers Cleaning faced was that they had two different websites, with totally separate brands. One website represented their residential services, while the other highlighted their commercial services, usually resulting in confused customers and missed opportunities. They needed to tie both sites into one central, easy-to-find website that clearly represented both services. Both of their websites were also outdated visually, and not mobile-friendly.

For 10 years in a row, Lane County residents have named Brothers Cleaning Services the top carpet cleaning company in the Readers Choice Awards..


brothers cleaning logosLOGOS

It was decided that the two logos currently in use for commercial and residential cleaning were not only outdated, they didn’t look like they belonged to the same company. We knew, however, that the carpet cleaning logo was most recognized (and widely used across marketing platforms as well as on fleet vehicles). To help ease the transition between old and new, we used a similar concept for Brothers Cleaning main logo – refreshing and modernizing it –  and then carrying elements through the entire family of logos.


The first thing you’ll see on this website is Tony, the owner of Brothers, in a video introducing his company. We knew after talking to Tony about his business that this kind of video would be extremely effective.

“When I heard him talk about the values of his organization, I felt like emptying my wallet and saying ‘here! take my money!’ because he is so genuine. So video was a must.” -Deanna Rivera, owner of UplinkSpyder

We worked in collaboration with Chris Elliot to have a video made and it worked! Since launch, analytics have shown that the video is noticed and viewed often. People have given Tony lots of positive feedback and visitors who see the video report being compelled to choose Brothers for their service project.

brothers cleaning old websiteWEBSITE

The main goal of any website is to be found in search and this was certainly accomplished. As with all UplinkSpyder websites, search engine optimization is foundational and as a result of our work in this area, Brothers’ traffic has increased every week since launch. Organic search accounts for a vast majority of that traffic and they place at the top of results for almost every keyword search.

The second goal of any website is an excellent user experience and we’ve ensured this through navigation that is easy to use, excellent placement of elements on every page and awesome content. Tony wanted content on the site to be “jazzy but not cheesy”, and so we worked with him through several rounds until finding the perfect balance. We feel the story told on the website very well carries through in what the customer will experience from their first phone call onward through their service and clearly reflects Brothers’ core values, which is such an important part of branding.

We also organized a professional photo-shoot with Wendy Gregory Photography – and we highly recommend this for all websites. Investing in professional images helps us to create a stunning visual presentation and really elevates polish and professionalism.

Additional features delivered through the new website include:

  • A modern and responsive design for all viewing devices.
  • A secure way for employees to access important information and updated web-forms.
  • An email sign-up form and an attractive pop-up to connect users to special offers and cleaning tips.

Brothers is receiving multiple requests each day through their website for service information from both residential and commercial clients and this isn’t something that happened before. They are really proud of their website, and we are too.

Additional Internet Marketing Services Provided To Brothers Cleaning Services:

  • Internet directory optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Social media ads
  • Website maintenance, hosting and occasional promotions
  • Consulting

Brothers Cleaning Services Website Reveal from UplinkSpyder on Vimeo.



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August 24, 2017