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Meet the Client

Health Mart Pharmacy is a large organization that consists of locally-owned pharmacies throughout the country. Jeannie and Brian Marr own two of them, located in Eugene and Creswell, Oregon: River Road Health Mart Pharmacy and Creswell Health Mart Pharmacy. In addition to the basic services that most pharmacies provide (prescription refill/transfers, immunizations, etc.), River Road and Creswell Health Mart Pharmacies go above and beyond for their customers. They can mail medications to anywhere in Oregon and they provide local delivery. They also have a fully-stocked drugstore for over-the-counter items and a gift shop filled with home decor, unique gifts, and more.

Challenge Faced

We began working with Jeannie and Brian during an exciting time for their business: the opening of their Creswell location! The main problem with their existing website was that it only reflected their location in Eugene, and now that they were expanding, they needed a website that presented both of their locations in a clear and beautiful way. In addition, the look and overall functionality of their existing website were outdated. It didn’t reflect all of their services that they had developed over their time in business and was in need of a modern “refresh”.


Our process began with becoming familiar with Health Mart Pharmacy’s brand and mission. The River Road and Creswell pharmacies are family-owned, with a strong emphasis on their customers’ satisfaction. To reflect that, we designed a website that embodied the welcoming and caring atmosphere that customers experience when they walk in. Using new, high-quality photography of both locations, our graphic designers created an eye-catching experience for users as they browse the website, complementing the expanded and optimized content for each of their services. Their pharmacies are unique in that they deliver to homes, offices, and retirement facilities – so that was an important theme that we highlighted throughout the website.

Additional features delivered through the new website include:

  • Planned user experience throughout the site which provides a clear distinction between both pharmacies.
  • Modern design that translates well to mobile devices.
  • Convenient prescription refill and transfer form that goes to both locations.
  • Regularly-updated blog with health information, promotions, etc.
  • An email sign-up and pop-up form to connect users to special coupons.

Additional Services

In addition to the creation of their website, UplinkSpyder provides email marketing and social media services for both pharmacies to reflect their brand and direct users to their website through various platforms.

With the opening of the new Creswell Health Mart Pharmacy, we’ve assisted in the establishment of the new pharmacy in Creswell with targeted ads, event promotion, and marketing strategies. We’re proud to be Health Mart’s go-to team for the growth of both their existing and new locations.

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November 7, 2017