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bethesda lutheran church

Meet the Client

Bethesda Lutheran Church is located in Eugene, Oregon. Our CEO, Deanna Rivera’s great grandparents were some of the first members of Bethesda. Generations of Deanna’s relatives have worked in various capacities for the church – on the Church Council, as caregivers, and as volunteers on various projects and committees. Countless Jensen/Madsen family baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and funerals have been held at Bethesda. To say Deanna has strong ties to this bedrock of West Eugene’s community goes without saying. She considers Bethesda a second home.

Services Provided

A few years ago, Bethesda found themselves in need of a communications coordinator and a new website and Deanna offered to help. That relationship has since turned in to a client that we do daily work for. UplinkSpyder created and oversees the implementation of Bethesda’s brand. We have created two awesome websites, the most recent of which was launched in April 2017. We provide social media support, email marketing services, and a ton of graphic design and document design.

Recent Challenge Faced

The thing about a church is that there are a lot of things happening at any given time and a lot of different users who need to access different information and services. The demographics include teenagers to seniors and everyone in between. Coming up with a website that serves everyone reasonably well, and attracts new users regularly, is a big challenge.


We developed Bethesda’s website based on “use cases”. We looked at the most common type of person accessing the site and developed paths for them to the content they would be interested in. The very first use case was for a new person unfamiliar with Bethesda…we wanted them to walk away with a very positive experience, and to feel that Bethesda has a lot to offer. We also developed the website so that content…including sections on each page and the organization of elements…could be easily changed.

Additional features delivered through the new website include:

  • A regularly updated blog to highlight articles written by Bethesda pastors and members.
  • Several contact web-forms and a supporting database for any inquiries.
  • A well thought out, advanced navigation system leading to detailed descriptions of all groups and clubs.
  • A mobile responsive design that can be easily viewed on all platforms.
  • Optimization for search engine results.


“UplinkSpyder, with their beautiful design work and strong online presence, creatively help us tell the story of what Bethesda stands for and how we serve our neighborhood. I would recommend Deanna and her team to anyone wanting to make their business a known presence in the community.”
– Sarah Schaffner, Pastor, Bethesda Lutheran Church



Over the course of our relationship as a communications provider for Bethesda, we’ve seen the church go from struggling to thriving. We are a part of that growth. Online activity increases monthly and the branding has really helped promote recognition in the community. There’s much more to be said but for now, we’ll put it this way: We love Bethesda and Bethesda loves us. ❤

Other Services

In addition to what is mentioned above, UplinkSpyder provided the following services to Bethesda Lutheran Church over the past many years:

  • Optimization and management of social media accounts
  • Weekly document design
  • Weekly email newsletters
  • Weekly slideshow design (shown in the lobby)
  • Design of all special materials for events like flyers, posters, banners, etc.
  • Preschool logo and sign design
  • Regular site updates and maintenance
  • Strategy and ongoing marketing support

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November 20, 2015