Life sometimes is hard, hard, hard! So many things to think about and manage. When I start feeling like that, I often turn to social media and especially Facebook, to vent or cheer myself up or just to talk to friends.

And I’m definitely not alone. Facebook’s user base & popularity continues to grow. In fact, five new profiles are created every second. Over 1.7 billion people worldwide are active Facebook users (as of July). Facebook is too big to ignore.

spydergirlFacebook is where your people are. It’s where they “hang out”, shop, talk to friends, and research. Because of this…your business’ marketing strategy should include Facebook.

But what is the best strategy? Here are my top four suggestions.

1. Remember that Facebook is a community and you are not there to sell. You are there to SHARE. So SHARE what you do and how you do it, what you know and who you engage with. Think of it as a long term investment in your brand rather than a way to generate immediate sales.

2. When you do have something special going on, use Facebook’s awesome advertising platform to get the word out. You can choose who you want to see your ads by selecting very specific demographics and when you do that right, the investment can really pay off.

3. Video is a hot commodity on Facebook. There are 8 billion views of videos daily. 8 billion. Make a video!

4. Don’t just post. Network! Share your business posts on your personal page. Ask your friends and employees to do the same. Talk about and tag other businesses & share their content. In other words, reach out and make friends and SHARE with and about them.

No matter what or how you do Facebook for your business, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. UplinkSpyder is always here if you need advice.

Oh, and like us on Facebook please!

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