It can be a challenge for business owners during busy times of year…whether it’s an election, or the “madness” of the holidays. It’s harder to make an impact through “normal” marketing efforts. I wanted to share three quick “booster” marketing tips that can help cut through the noise and add impact to your efforts.

marketing tipsTop 3 “Booster” Marketing Tips

Google Ads or Facebook/Instagram Ads

If you haven’t tested the effect of Google Ads or Facebook/Instagram ads, this is the perfect time to try them out. There may be more “noise” but there are also more people online during these times and ads can help get you in front of a higher percentage of them. Be smart about it, though. Target your demographic. Don’t just willy-nilly “boost” Facebook ads.

Partner with Compatible Businesses

Consider partnering with compatible businesses who might be interested in the same customers for an event or marketing campaign. For instance, if you are an insurance provider, you could partner with an investment firm and an accountant and maybe even a bank to put on a holiday soiree or even an informational seminar. Pooling marketing dollars and ideas can make a much bigger impact. (p.s. this also works well for customer retention/appreciation.)

Stack Your Marketing Efforts

During a certain limited period of time, saturate your message/campaign via several channels at once. Make sure the visuals and message are the same through each channel. For instance, a customer of ours offered a Buy one Get one special. This special was put out during a 2 week period through local radio and tv channels, Facebook/Instagram ads, email campaigns, social media posts, and advertisements on her website and in her shop – all targeting the same demographic. Stacking in this way can work on limited budgets, too.

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