Investing in social media ads, giveaways and contests can have an effective impact on your business. Used properly and strategically, they can boost engagement, build your audience and in the end, increase revenue. Here are two recent examples that worked for our clients.

50% Increase In Likes + Viral Video for American Hero Adventures

American Hero Adventures is a popular non-profit that offers American Heroes (military, law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and federal agents) and their loved ones adventures of a lifetime. AHA has been working with us to increase their social exposure and were about to release a video that they wanted to “go viral” as much as possible.

We put together a three step strategy for AHA within the budget allotted. The first step was designed to dramatically increase AHA’s Facebook following. We placed an ad targeted toward Heroes living within certain target states. This ad increased their Facebook audience by about 50% in a couple weeks.

We followed the ad with two “swag” giveaways designed to increase engagement and organic likes, which further cultivated that new audience. Participants were asked to “Like” the post, and tag a friend (or friends) in the comments of the post. The winner received a free AHA t-shirt, and some decals the first week, and an awesome thermos mug the second. (These posts were boosted with a small budget).

This effort was followed directly by the release of AHA’s latest video, which as a result, met a very captive and active audience. The post and video have, indeed, “gone viral” with over 17,000 views in 72 hours (and climbing). (The video post was boosted with a small budget, which increased once results began escalating.)

As a secondary benefit, the ads and a shorter video also appeared on Instagram.

The key to all social media ads is selecting the right demographic. You do not want to just “boost a post” or create an ad and ignore the opportunity to find exactly the people who are most likely to engage with your brand. The results…the “bang for your buck”…will be much higher as you tweak this demographic set and find through trial and error the best audience.

Most Effective Promotion Ever – Gift Card Giveaway for Ron’s Island Grill

After spending a couple months establishing a foundation of regular social media posts and engagement for this popular local restaurant, we mixed in a strategy of weekly Facebook and Instagram giveaways. Our client, the famous Ron, agreed to give away a $10 gift card once a week and so every Monday, we announce the contest, and every Friday we give it away. Contestants are asked to “Like” the Ron’s Island Grill Facebook page, comment on the post and share it.

Through a low cost boost for each post, we were able to strategically select an audience, and generate exposure for the post through Instagram. In just two weeks of these posts, Ron’s increased their page likes by over 10% and owner, Ron, stated “we’ve not had anything work this well ever.”

The Takeaway for Social Media Ads

There are dozens of creative ways to use social media ads to increase your exposure, and revenue. Social media is an awesome tool for developing relationships with current and future customers. Regular engagement with the folks who love your brand helps build trust. And as we all know, trust is what leads to long-term customers.

Need help coming up with a Facebook or Instagram campaign for your business or organization? Contact us; we would love to help!


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