Endurance Physical Therapy

Endurance Physical Therapy

Meet the Client

Endurance Physical Therapy is located in Eugene, Oregon. They promote the physical well-being of their patients through general orthopedic rehabilitation, manual therapy, sports medicine, biofeedback, and other therapeutic services. All services are catered to each individual’s needs and goals, and Endurance works closely with their clients to establish the best care possible.

Endurance is owned by Diane McClusky and Megan Starr, both passionate and dedicated physical therapists with different skills and strengths that bring Endurance Physical Therapy to life. Their office is centrally located in Eugene, making it easy for patients to stop by and receive care in a comforting and welcoming environment.

Challenge Faced

Endurance Physical Therapy initially needed someone to help them improve their website for better traffic. Additionally, they wanted someone to help them each month with marketing. When we began researching Endurance’s current standing, we quickly found that they were not ranking for any keyword searches, making them nearly impossible to find through a simple Google search. It was clear that the Endurance website needed some polishing, along with content revamping to be better optimized for search engines.


The process was first analyzing the whole picture and putting in a plan that included consistent outreach (blogs, newsletters, social media), as well as support for some of the networking and advertising they were investing in (brochures, etc.) We upgraded their website to a better compatible platform, adjusting graphics and content as needed. We also helped reconstruct their website to be mobile responsive, making it much more accessible to mobile users. The website includes a regularly updated blog with useful information about physical therapy tips, staff, and upcoming events. Every month, we help edit and polish blogs written by Megan and Diane. We then publish the blog to the website and help them promote through social media and email marketing.


  • Direct and organic traffic has increased steadily since launch of their reconstructed website. For instance, traffic was 59% better in the last 6 months of 2015 than the first 6 months.
  • The website has an excellent bounce rate and the blog is consistently visited.
  • They are now ranking in every important search for their profession.
  • Establishing a mobile friendly design has benefited Endurance, considering there has also been a huge increase in mobile and tablet users.
  • Facebook reach increased over 200%.
  • As a result, their business has grown, and since this project, they have added a new therapist.

Other Services

In addition to the creation of their website, UplinkSpyder has provided the following services to Endurance Physical Therapy:

  • Social media optimization and management.
  • Monthly email newsletters to highlight news, events, and blog posts.
  • Graphic and print design for marketing materials – trade show materials, letterhead, holiday cards, certificates, and brochures.
  • Regular updates and maintenance of their website.
  • Optimization of minor and major online directories, including Google Plus.
  • Strategy and ongoing marketing support.

Endurance Physical Therapy Website