The New Year is classically known as a time to reinvent yourself and define goals for the year ahead. Often this pertains to your personal life – but shouldn’t it also translate to the success of your business? 

We encourage you to take a fresh look at your business in 2016. We know that as a business owner, you are constantly juggling administrative duties and finances, responding to never-ending emails, and the list goes on. We know because we struggle with the same things! Your busy schedule may cause your branding and marketing efforts to be left behind, and if you feel like your business isn’t getting the results you want, not having a strong marketing strategy may be why.

If you are ready to improve the success of your business in the New Year, try implementing these resolutions. You will be amazed at how fast your business can grow with a strong plan in place:

Refresh your website.
If your website looks the same as it did in 2006, you are probably receiving the same results as you did in 2006. Additionally, if you have a website that you never update, you will see results decline over time. Investing in a great website with regular maintenance increases traffic and boosts business. Treat your website as it should be – your business’ #1 marketing tool. Websites that are used in this way become a business asset. Otherwise, all you have is a fancy business card.

Plan ahead and establish a strategy.
One of our favorite quotes is: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” When it comes to digital marketing…a good strategy is simply a flexible plan. Start with goals like increasing traffic to your website and figure out the steps and details that will get you there. Reevaluate all avenues that you’ve invested in and adjust. Everything you do to market should have a strategy: your website, social media, email marketing, special events, and all traditional channels as well. Make sure you can track results for every single thing that you invest in. Think ahead to holidays and other events and plan now for how you will make the most of them.

Refresh your brand.
Your brand is much more than your logo. Your brand encompasses everything about your business. It is what sets you apart from your competitors and makes you memorable to potential customers. What area of your business fails to communicate your unique brand? Take a look at everything a potential customer experiences from your office’s ambiance to your voicemail message, to yes, your logo and marketing materials.

Get the most out of social media.
We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but social media is pretty much not going away and if you want to continue to grow your business, then you must have a strong social media presence! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more are wonderful ways to not only increase the chances of your business being found by the right people, but are also an invaluable tool for continuing customer service.

Content marketing is a really great thing to think about.
Nothing will help you more online than good content. Proving yourself an expert in your industry and marketing that expertise to the current and potential customers available to you really works over time to cultivate a solid and vibrant business! There are dozens of ways to create awesome content without knowing how to write or what to write about.

Our job is to make sure that all these resolutions are achieved for your business with the least amount of pain. We can do ALL of this for you. Your website, your marketing strategy, your social media, your brand, and even that expert content can be sculpted by our capable hands. Our best skill is getting to know the uniqueness of you and then communicating that to others in the best possible light. That’s our passion. This way you are freed up to focus on YOUR passion, which we hope is your business. 😉

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