Blogging for your business can be one of the most overlooked aspects of online marketing. On top of social media outreach, maintaining a website, and running a business, you may not see blogging as a priority. In reality, you are missing a lot of opportunities if your business does not blog regularly!

Blogging combines content marketing, SEO, and social media to attract people to your website. Through informative, entertaining, and useful blog posts, you can show knowledge of your line of work and familiarize readers with your brand. In addition, blogging also builds trust with your audience and increases lead growth.

Not sure what will lead to a successful blog? Check out these tips:

Use keywords within your writing. Think of what your intended audience would search for when looking for a business like yours. By using words and phrases that your ideal reader would seek, you can increase organic traffic from search engines.

Find a balance in your writing style. No one likes reading a dull blog post, so it is always a good idea to use a little personality in your writing. Try not to go overboard on the flashy writing though; you want to be relevant and interesting, but also reflect a professional tone.

Use email marketing and share through social media. Make sure that your website and blog have a “subscribe” or sign-up form to grow your email list. The best way to make sure your blog is getting the exposure it needs is by consistently helping your audience understand that it is there. Through newsletters, you can spread information from your blog and point people to your website. Posting your blog on your social media accounts can also create a strong following. Even sending out direct mail postcards with a link to read more is a great way to increase awareness. Promoting is just as important as creating!

Establish a consistent schedule. Stick to a blogging schedule, whether it is weekly or monthly. By having a set schedule, people will know when to come back to read your new blog posts.

Learn from your customers and competitors. Pay attention to what your customers are commenting on and sharing. Remember that your blog is to provide your customers with useful information that they find value in. Additionally, learn from your competitors. Implement similar techniques to incorporate the strategies that are helping them do well.

Make your blogs look good.
Use images, lists, headings, and multimedia to make your blog posts more visually appealing and easier to navigate. A blog that looks like a long essay may turn readers away.

Blog posts should be written and put forth with effort and consideration for your customers or clients. At UplinkSpyder, we can help you construct blog posts for your website, incorporating consistency and information that will benefit your business. Let us help you incorporate blogging into your online marketing strategy.


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