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Once Upon A Time There Was A Business Owner


He heard a lot about this thing called Facebook. So he created a personal profile. Then one day he got an email from a friend that said, "Like my business page!" and so he did and thought, "Hey, I should have one of those!" So he had his niece create one for him. By this time he had 100 personal "friends"...mainly people he knew in high school. Then he received a message from an employee inviting him to LinkedIn. So he joined. He even managed to put up a picture. His niece invited him to Twitter and said he should have a business Twitter, and so he did that, too. He pays his niece $50 a week to post things to Facebook and she says those posts end up on Twitter, too. He doesn't know how.

Once upon a time...

there was a business owner. When he created his business, he had a business plan. It told him and the bank exactly where he was going and how he would get there. It was so useful, he creates one every year and shares it with his employees. From the plan, they create goals for each person and strategies for meeting those goals. He measures their success and his by how well those goals are met. Every quarter they review progress and sometimes shift goals, strategies, or even the overall plan accordingly. He rewards employees for exceeding goals. He knows his company will not thrive without good planning, good strategies for meeting goals, and communicated expectations.

Funny enough this is the same man.

If you asked this man if online marketing was important, he would tell you yes. He knows his website is the new front door to his business. He knows social media is where his potential clients spend time. He understands all that.

But somehow, the planning has not extended to Facebook. Strategies have not included Twitter. Goals are not set for website conversions. Technology is such an obstacle to so many business owners, and especially social media.

But business owners really need to understand it in order to successfully embrace it and lead their staff down the right paths. They need to be intentional about it. If you aren't convinced, consider this.

Sally is in charge of Facebook for Company A. She is directed to post daily. So every day, Sally sits down and thinks about what she wants to post for the day. Some days it is obvious and quick but most days it is not and so she spends 45 minutes a day figuring it out, depending on her creative juices. 15 hours or so a month.

Bill is in charge of Facebook for Company B. His plan tells him what to post about, so he spends about 15 minutes a day getting it right. 6 hours or so a month. The social media team spent 2 hours at the beginning of the month putting together a plan. So that's 8 hours, or about half the time.

There are lots of other benefits to planning, such as:

  • If planning is done with others, collaboration and brainstorming can lead to great ideas
  • You can coordinate the biggest possible impact around events, sales, promotions, etc.
  • You will gain a better understanding of what works, what doesn't, etc. and change strategies accordingly
  • Having a plan makes it easier to have more than one person involved to share the workload

If you'd like more help or to see a sample plan, call us today. We love helping small businesses learn and we offer one on one training and workshops.