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5 Things You Should Absolutely Be Doing on Facebook (for Businesses)


I spoke recently at Southtowne Rotary in Eugene about using social media for business. I was supposed to be part of a panel, but that quickly turned in to a one woman show. Not because I wanted it to be that way - but because my partners in crime intentionally gave me the stage & faded in to the background. That's one of the things I love about Rotary. They knew it was my business and they let me shine. I only hope I can learn to be as completely amazing as those people some day.

I'm still wrestling with allowing the presentation, which I recorded, to make its way to a public posting. I cannot stand video of myself. I love to speak. I'm good at speaking. But if someone shows me a recording I wilt. Gotta get over that...

So, in lieu of the whole presentation, here are my top "instructions" for Facebook specifically, which were part of a more extensive handout at that event. If you are engaging in building a business page on Facebook, these tips might help. I create this list with the business who is doing it "all wrong" in mind. If you wonder if that is you, call me. Let's talk.

  1. Be thoughtful about how your business page looks and reads. Fill in all the information in the about section & make sure it is free of typos and the grammar is decent. Use brand-boosting and beautiful graphics and think thoughtfully about app spaces.
  2. Choose the right administrators. They must know how to spell and write. Involve employees when you can trust that they will represent you well and they are part of an overall strategy (see #3).
  3. Have a strategy. Do not do this from the hip. Have a plan. Involve others. Your posts should keep two things in mind: Does it help our brand? Is it interesting, engaging, and useful? Facebook is about branding, developing a community, staying involved. Don't do or say anything where the question to one of those questions is no. DO NOT just sell.
  4. Build your audience organically by connecting your clients and friends, by promoting your page through other media and in person, by connecting your website. Be active in recruiting fans.
  5. You should post several times a week if not several times a day. Be consistent.